Two public meetings in June and July at which Dermot Nolan, Conservation Engineer

with wide experience of dealing with damage to listed buildings, made a detailed report

on the present condition of the church roof.


His conclusion was that the current problems

with the roof are down to poor original design and largely as a result of this there was a

gradual deterioration over time. Patching the roof was not an option because the problem

of leakage is a general one.


Lengthy discussions took place following both meetings.

At the meeting in June the following motion was put and voted on.

“The roof will be done as outlined in Dermot Nolan’s report and any electrical

and remedial work necessary”.


The meeting voted overwhelmingly to back the Engineer’s Report. It was also agreed

that fund raising would be deferred until the school had reached its fundraising

target and until adequate funds were available to finance the re-roofing of the church.